Business Architect – Asset Management (Front to Back Target Operating Model)

Axxsys Consulting seek a Business Architect to play a key role in structuring the enterprise in terms of its governance structure, business processes, and business information for a key Asset Management / Insurance client. This person will align the strategic goals and objectives with decisions regarding products and services; partners and suppliers; organisation; capabilities; and key business and IT initiatives. The primary focus will be the business motivations, end to end business operations and operating model framework and related enterprise components that link these aspects of the enterprise together. The Business Architect will work to develop an integrated view of the enterprise using a repeatable approach, cohesive framework, and available industry standard techniques.

The Business Architect will report into the Strategic Business Consultancy Practice and will work closely with Business and IT stakeholders on the client side. The Business Architect will have supervisory responsibility, possibly acting as coach and mentor to junior members of the Business Architecture Centre of Excellence. In addition, the Business Architect will work through others at every level of the organisation, soliciting strategic imperatives from senior leaders and executives, and supporting business unit managers as they leverage business architecture artefacts to create their business plans. Finally, the Business Architect will provide direct input into the governance cycle that supports the achievement of key goals, planning and execution of various business scenarios, and delivery of bottom line business value.

We are looking for an Associate to fill the position, in London, UK.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Develop a business architecture strategy based on a situational awareness of various business scenarios and motivations.
  • Apply a structured business architecture approach and methodology for capturing the key views of the enterprise.
  • Capture the tactical and strategic enterprise goals that provide traceability through the organisation and are mapped to metrics that provide ongoing governance.
  • Describe the primary business functions of the enterprise and distinguish between customer-facing, supplier-related, business execution and business management functions.
  • Define the set of strategic, core and support processes that transcend functional and organisational boundaries; identify and describe external entities such as customers, suppliers, and external systems that interact with the business; and describe which people, resources and controls are involved in the processes.
  • Define the data shared across the enterprise and the relationships between those data.
  • Capture the relationships among roles, capabilities and business units, the decomposition of those business units into sub units, and the internal or external management of those units.

Main Qualifications and Skills Required

  • A broad, enterprise-wide view of the Asset Management / Insurance industry and varying degrees of appreciation for end to end strategy, processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance.
  • The ability to recognise structural issues within the organisation, functional interdependencies and cross-silo redundancies.
  • The ability to apply architectural principles to business solutions.
  • The ability to assimilate and correlate disconnected documentation and drawings, and articulate their collective relevance to the organisation and to high-priority business issues.
  • Experience using model-based representations for example, BPMN notation that can be adjusted as required to collect, aggregate or disaggregate complex and conflicting information about the business.
  • The ability to visualise and create high-level models that can be used in future analysis to extend and mature the business architecture.
  • Extensive experience planning and deploying both business and IT initiatives.
  • Experience modelling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques for example, ARIS.
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to communicate appropriately at all levels of the organisation; this includes written and verbal communications as well as visualisations.
  • The ability to act as liaison conveying information needs of the business to IT and data constraints to the business; applies equal conveyance regarding business strategy and IT strategy, business processes and work flow automation, business initiatives and IT initiatives, and benefit realisation and service delivery.
  • A team player, able to work effectively at all levels of an organisation with the ability to influence others to move toward consensus.
  • Strong situational analysis and decision making abilities.
  • Experience of BlackRock Aladdin would be beneficial.
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